What is the Power Hip Trainer?

The Power Hip Trainer is a compact exercise machine designed to increase the strength and speed of hip rotation by supplying resistance to rotation with a high tensile strength industrial steel spring at the base.

What is it made from?

The Power Hip Trainer is made of high grade quality steel throughout, with foam rubber padding inside the steel cinch that goes around the hips for comfort. The belt and buckle are both made of high grade nylon. All steel parts are covered with a baked-on high grade enamel. The base is covered with a special non-slip finish.

The Power Hip Trainer is designed to last. Somax Performance Institute has been using the same Power Hip Trainer daily for the past seven years to train our athletes.

How difficult is it to assemble?

No tools or expertise are required to assemble the Power Hip Trainer. The four pieces are held together by three sturdy steel connecting pins that are secured in place by a steel safety clip.

What is the size and weight of the box?

The Power Hip Trainer comes in a double cardboard box that is 36” x 26” x 4” and weighs 50 lbs.

Can it be used indoors and out?

Yes. The Power Hip Trainer comes with a rubber mat to protect your floor or carpet. It also has a small hole in each corner of the base plate so that you can drive a long thin nail into the ground to prevent it from turning while in use outdoors.

Are directions included?

Yes. A manual and DVD are included. The DVD contains two discs with complete workouts. The first disc has a beginning 15-minute workout and a 30-minute workout for week two. The second disc contains a 45-minute workout for the third week and a one- hour workout for the fourth week and beyond.

Will it help me trim my waist and hips?

Golfers have reported a 4-6 inch loss of fat off their waist during the winter months while using their Power Hip Trainer.

Is it difficult to adjust for the various exercises?

Nothing could be easier. You just remove the top connecting pin, turn the hip cinch, and insert the pin. It takes a few seconds to make this change.

Can you adjust the tension on the spring?

The tension on the spring is adjusted by turning the hip cinch. The total tension on the spring is sufficient to drive a golf ball 375 yards or to hit a baseball 480 feet. It works equally well for beginners as it does for professional athletes.

Does it make noise?

If you lubricate the spring with some oil, it is quiet enough so that you can watch television while working out.

Can I try it out at a local store?

The Power Hip Trainer is only available through our website. The reason for this is that we follow up with weekly email helpful hints on how to get the most out of your Power Hip Trainer. We are also available by phone and email if you have any questions.

by Bob Prichard