Somax Power Hip Trainer Reviews

Reviews from touring pros, instructors, coaches, single-digit golfers, high-handicap golfers, college golfers, 73-year-old golfers, physicians, women golfers, and tennis, football and baseball coaches.

This trainer is the real deal!

I hope you are doing well.  My name is David Schreyer and currently an instructor for Braelinn golf club in Georgia.  I just purchased your hip trainer this evening on your website.

One of my students told me about the trainer and invited me over to try it out to see what I thought. 

 A little about me, I am a 17 year tour veteran. I player one year on the PGA Tour, 5 years on the Nationwide level, 9 years on the Hooter Tour and spent my winters on the South African PGA.   I had 19 professional Victories and several mini-tour wins. I am second in wins with 10 wins on the Hooters Tour. I also won three money titles on the Hooters Tour. In 97 I had the lead in the middle of the second day of the US Open at Congressional. 

All that being said I was always a pretty big hitter.  The highest I have ever been clocked was 123 and I was maybe 29 then.  I am 45 now and I don't play much anymore, as I am a very busy teacher. I haven't seen my swing speed faster than 115 in years. 

So hence the reason I am writing you. I clocked myself today for about 10 swings and the fastest swing was 115, then I got on the Somax hip trainer and worked out on it for ten minutes.  I got off the machine and I felt really good. 

I then hit balls and couldn't believe what I saw. My first swing was fast at 118 and I was excited. Then it happened, my next swings were 121,127,122,128 , and 124. I leveled off at 122 smooth and topped out at 128.

I have to tell you I have never come close to 128 and I'm 45 years old. Just ten minutes on your machine. I can't wait to see what is possible.  It kind of makes we want to see if I can get competitive again.

Looking forward to its arrival.  This trainer is the real deal! I am going to recommend your trainer to my students. This is exciting!  

David Schreyer

Great drills for the Power Hip Trainer.

Great drills for the Power Hip Trainer.

All the info I have received is excellent. The movement of my feet, ankles, knees and hips that you teach in the DVD are really helping my game in tournament play,dropping my scores to under par in competition.

These moves I felt every once in while in a good swing but was never able to train the brain to know what the actual move was. The hip trainer finally trained my brain.

Very good practice drills and swing thoughts.

Thanks for your help.

Brad Hyland

12 hours in on it and I already notice a real difference

This is just to let you know that I have finally got going on the hip trainer. I have about 12 hours in on it and I already notice a real difference. My hips are so much quicker! They get out of the way earlier which really helps my swing and keeps me in better balance.

When I combine the left knee first and faster hips, it is such an improvement. You might remember that I had been taught the bump move years ago and as a result swayed forward a lot on the downswing. It is amazing how quickly the hip trainer has overcome that flaw. It moti- 
vates me to keep working on it all winter.

By the way, I happened to catch an episode of "golf my way" by Bobby Jones the other night on golf channel. There were many slow motion views of his swing. You were so right about his left knee leading the way in his swing - even while he was still finishing his backswing.

A picture is worth a 1000 words. 

Robert Carr

Hip strength increased exponentially and I gained an extra 20 yards

As you know, I am a pro golfer and have played in events on the Canadian Tour, AG Spanos California Tour and Golden State Tour.

I had some success in my tournaments, but not enough to where I could make a significant living off of it. I knew I had to make changes to my game to increase my distance and accuracy. I started working with your Power Hip Trainer in the Fall of 2006.

When we began, I had no idea how to utilize my hips in my golf swing and how much potential power I was wasting because I had weak hips.

Within two months of working on the Hip Trainer my hip strength increased exponentially and I gained an extra 20 yards off the tee on my average drive, and hit my irons one full club further.

Even though I am only 5'10" tall and 150 pounds, I can still hit my drives consistently between 290 - 300 yards and past the bigger and taller players in my group. By retraining my body I have become one of the top players in the Northern California PGA Section and look forward to more success out on tour.

Joe Dolby

1st place at the Ladies European Final Stage Qualifying School in 2004

As you know, I am an exempt player since 2003 on the LPGA Tour. I also won 1st place at the Ladies European Final Stage Qualifying School in 2004, so I also play the Euro tour.

Although I have not been able to compete in 2007 due to a skiing accident which required surgical intervention, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and value yourPower Hip Trainer.

When you first tested my hip strength I wasshocked to find that my hips were very weak, even though I am a professional golfer competing on the LPGA Tour. I was also disappointed because I had spent 10 years strengthening my body with various fitness 'gurus', yet none of them specifically trained my hip rotators. They were more concerned with the other muscles. As a result of over-training with weights, I developed a lot of scar tissue, which you had to release so that I could make a full swing.

Since I have started to work with the Power Hip Trainer I have gained about 10 yards with the driver and I am starting todraw the ball vs. putting a weak cut on the ball which used to create a lot of backspin. Now my ball has less backspin which makes the ball roll out a lot once it hits the fairway.

I love to train with the hip trainer because it improves my technical downswing faults that I was never able to get rid of with any coach during my 10 year career.

I know that once my knee heals and I learn how to really recruit all the hip muscle fibers, I will be able to use the hips much more efficiently and the faults in my club swings will correct themselves.

I can already see these improvements after training with it consistently for the last 5 months. I am starting to be more accurate with my irons and woods. The biggest difference I see is that my club has gained so much speed during the crucial point at impact.

Miriam Nagl

PGA Professional for over 30 years

I purchased the Somax Power Hip Trainer in September 2008. My purpose for getting it was to loosen my hips as I had experienced pain and difficulty with hip rotation in my golf swing. I am a PGA Professional for over 30 years and I noticed the deterioration of my hip speed within the past 5 years.

Since using the Power Hip Trainer, I've lost 20 pounds, 4 inches on my waist, and I've gained at least 30 yards with my driver!

I have to say that everything you explained to me has been true. I'm truly happy with the results and I will continue with my routine and exercise. I will keep you informed as to future achievements. Thank you!!

Vince Puglia 
PGA Lifetime Member

Your design was genius and your videos are a Godsend.

I have to tell you that in all of my 55 years of athletic involvement , I have never encountered anything close to the impact that Somax has had on my performance.

Somax has changed my golf game. For 30 years, my swing was arms and hands, resulting in weak shots and chronic back problems. Now, my swing is generated from hip rotation, resulting in unbelievable power, and of equal import, absolutely no back injuries.

It is laughable to me that many of my friends spend a ton of money on equipment, expecting their game to improve.

Somax revolutionizes your game. This training tool gives you a solid repeating golf swing that you can use under any circumstance.

For the first time, as I stand over the ball, I have tremendous confidence, knowing that my right hip will not fail me and I will fire through the ball. Also for the first time, I actually finish on my left side and can hold that pose forever.

Amazingly, as I continue to train with Somax, my hip action just gets stronger. Once I am loaded up on my right side, I can’t wait to pull the trigger and fire my right hip right at the target.

Thanks Bob, your design was genius and your videos are a Godsend.

Tim Misny

Excellent way to Improve your game, The Hip Trainer is the best device in golf.

I am a low handicap golfer who plays golf regularly. I have been using the Power Hip Trainer since 2009. Before using the Power Hip Trainer I use to hit 290 yard drives. I was looking to add extra yardage that could help me compete in golf tournaments.

I had been taught for many years that going to the gym and lifting weights would add distance to my drives. After getting bigger and stronger in the gym for 3 years I found minimal results and didn’t notice any improvement in my yardage. I actually lost flexibility. After struggling for several years I decided to look for something different. I found the Hip Trainer I was finally able to work the right part of the body that helped me improve my golf swing and distance. After a few months I started hitting an average of 350 yards, with some all the way out to 380. I also started hitting my drives straight. I was hitting about 50% of my fairways at 290. Now at 350 I am hitting about 90%. My greens in regulation also improved as I was hitting my irons solid and straight. My friends and people at the club are astonished by my drives and the way I am compressing the ball. The Power Hip Trainer is one of best investments I have made to improve my golf game. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in improving their game and hitting the ball longer. To get maximum results I recommend working on the exercises as instructed in the DVD.

David Huertas

Great Product

I have had the trainer for less than one week, using it two times in accordance with the instructions that came with it. It is a great product. The day after the first training session I helped my team win a four man scramble and first place price of a round of golf at a prestigious resort course. The day after the second training session I shot a 76 after not having broken 80 in several years.

Not too bad I would say for a 73 year old "youngster". After only two training sessions I am a least one club longer across the board and accuracy has improved also. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with distance and accuracy.

James T

Excellent product and company

I am a 59 year old physician and injured my left hip five years ago in a skiing accident. Despite the injury I kept playing the game I love. However my game and confidence spiraled downwards as bad compensatory swing plane changes set in with a locked hip.

I stumbled on the Somax Power Hip Trainer and am overly impressed with the results so far. In only 4 weeks my swing speed has improved 8mph and my hip rotation [difficult for me to accurately measure] is improving significantly. My plane is back on line and the swing is becoming effortless again. I can't wait to see what several months of training will accomplish.

The machine is very well constructed-quality through and through. The developer also sends encouraging information regarding technique and progress which was unexpected and very appreciated. No sales pitches just dedication to a proud product.

In a world of gimmicky products and false claims it is very refreshing to purchase a product that well exceeds expectations.

I have never written a review regarding a product but this one deserves a Five Star !!

James C. Demidovich

I Love my Power Hip Trainer!

I love my Power Hip Trainer! I bought it in the winter of 2010 and worked on it off- and- on until mid-February when an injury unrelated to golf sidelined me for about 6 weeks. I started playing again in early April without training on my Somax, and I was hitting the ball better than ever, but not very consistently. So, I retrained on my Somax and WOW! I was hitting the ball very accurately, very long, and very consistently! I have gained two clubs on every shot....where I used to hit a six-iron, I am hitting an pitching wedge now replaces my eight iron!!!! I still have work to do, but that work will definitely include working out on my Power Hip Trainer! I tell everyone about it! Two of my friends have bought them!

When I bought my Somax, I was a 55 year old, Senior Women's player with a 6.7 index. I play in a lot of amateur local, state, and regional tournaments all summer. My goal for 2011 was to win my flight in a state tournament and to qualify for the USGA Senior Women's Amateur and make it to the match play rounds.

One year later, my index is a 4.2. I won first flight in the Ga Senior Women's Championship, won overall champion in a regional tournament, and won my club championship. I also had quite a few runner up showings. Didn't make it to the USGA Senior's Women's but I'm still working on my Power Hip Trainer! Hope to make it this year!

Thanks for a great product!

Debra P

Excellent equipment and tremendous customer service

I have enjoyed the SOMAX PowerHip trainer for more than two years now. Not only have I significantly improved my "swing", but the continuous follow-up emails from SOMAX are worthwhile to examine current tour pros and their swings. As I started using the PowerHip trainer - was able to increase my driving distance from 220 to more than 275 yds, consistently. At $275, the PowerHip trainer is not only an excellent swing improvement device, but the continous updates from SOMAX are an excellent lifetime plus. If you're skeptical of golf improvement equipment, I recommend reading Bob Pritchard's "Efficient Golfer" as an excellent preview and examination of the golfer's swing prior to your investment in training equipment. Now go work on your short game!


Somax Hip Trainer

Purchased my trainer approx a year ago and found it to be well made. My only critisism is that the cinch works loose and requires constant tightening but as you are always switching between exercises this did not bother me too much. Not sure if it was all the hip trainer but a short time after purchase and doing the exercises shot my all time low score of 64 closely followed by a 67(par 70).

I would recommend this equipment as it certainly raises the heart rate and works up a sweat. Using this plus doing a flexibility programme you can't go wrong.


It works For Me

I have owned this for almost 2 years now. My swing speed is definitely up. More importantly my slice is gone. I used to slice the ball horribly but since I swing much faster my slice is gone. My hips are definitely faster and they are much more flexible.

My chiropractor agrees with me. I would also recomend Somax Are You Flexible enough for Golf DVD. I go on the Hip Trainer and do the 4 exercises on the flexible dvd before I go golfing.The machine is well built and I would say it works for me and is worth the money.

joeski "joeski" (Philly)

Power Hip Trainer

I've been training on the Somax Hip Trainer since June of 2011. A month later I came in 3rd in the State Senior Open with rounds of 69 and 73. My ball striking was incredible and if I only could have made a few more putts...who knows.

What's amazing is that I'm no longer looking for arm positions or the slot at the top of my back swing. This machine has given me a "Hip Awareness" whereas the sequence from the ground up, like the Rocket Sequence that Bob talks about, is key to speed, accuracy, and distance. When I start the swing with my forward knee, it simplifies down swing the swing and creates the proper lag needed for solid strikes.

As a High School Football Coach, 99% of my players have weak, stiff hips. By increasing their hip strength and speed, my players are getting in and out of their stances with ease, are quicker off the ball, have a stronger push off the line, and the backs seem to stop and turn on point. Not to mention the QB is using the same sequence in the golf swing to throw the football.

Frankly, the Power Hip Trainer is the best imvestment I've ever made when it comes to golf and fitness machines.

David Sanches

Excellent Hip Trainer and Exerciser!

I am a low handicap golfer who was looking for more distance! From great teachers, I learned that the lower body is the KEY. The faster you unwind your hips from the top of the swing into the downswing, the farther you will hit the ball. Try an experiment: Try throwing a ball into an open field using only your hands and arms, without any lower body. What happens? You get a crooked, short throw. Now try throwing using your lower body (like skipping a stone over water) and really step into it with your weight and lower body. What happens? Wow! The ball goes forever. The same with a golf ball. This Hip Trainer is GREAT at increasing the speed of your hips, so that you RIP through the ball. Keeping your hands and arms "powerless" and your wrists "loose," you unwind your hips FASTER and FASTER after using the Somax Hip Trainer for only weeks. I've been using mine for over a year, and I love it. It keeps my hips loose, trim, and fast! As an additional bonus, the machine is a great exercise machine for your hips and waistline. (I went from size 36 jeans to 32 in months.) My only concern about the construction is the waist cinch. Buy extra reinforcement cinch to keep the strap tight around your hips. Be sure to fit it properly around your hips, not your waist. Bob Prichard (designer and owner) provides awesome support and follow-up after your purchase of the Hip Trainer. He will have you hitting the ball straight and long--right down the middle. Finally--a great learning/teaching aid that I regularly use. With a smooth, faster hip turn, you will play the best golf of your life. Try finding this kind of training equipment at your local gym that will DO what this Hip Trainer does for your lower body. Not to be found, except at Somax Performance Institute. Kudos for the Hip Trainer, Bob and company!

John W Butcher

High quality, unique design, excellent hip/core trainer!

I am a mid-handicap golfer with back & overall flexibility issues. As such, the typical problems arise from not starting the downswing with my lower body. I've searched long and hard for a quality trainer that works to stretch and strengthen my core and hip flexors. Everything I looked at was either too cheaply built or simply didn't work the area I needed. Then I found this product. I was concerned about the price but took a leap and as of this date have had the Somax Hip Trainer for about 4 months. It is excellent! The product arrived quickly and is incredibly solid and well-made. The dvd that came with it thoroughly explained how to properly use the system. From basic warm ups to more advanced hip rotation firing exercises...I can't give this product enough praise. Plus, the owner of the company is available to address any questions you may have regarding use of the trainer.

JB Woodland CA (Woodland, CA USA)